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Aramaic or Hebrew N.T. INTERLINEAR
#10 he used printed editions looks like, not directly from a Manuscript copy. This might explain why he has a mix of Eastern and Western readings, where these printed editions tend to be critical editions and culls from various the UBS text does. I'll try to track those editions down if they are still in print, to see If something can be learned from them as to their source texts.

I just bought this printed edition at the link below, of the Eastern Peshitta text, which is most definitely a pure Eastern Peshitta text...and is the very 1st time (1840's) that the Eastern Peshitta text from the Manuscripts were printed in the classical Estrangela used by the Church of the East...a few of the letters are shaped differently, but, by and large is the same form of Estrangela as found in the oldest Manuscripts...with the Eastern vowel points as well. The price is good as well.

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What is neat is that they also printed the ancient Peshitta Old Testament as well, and also translated into Aramaic the Hebrew Masoretic OT in a parallel column, which one can compare the two texts. I plan on getting these as well sometime later.


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