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AENT 6th Edition
ScorpioSniper2 Wrote:Any news about another update of the AENT? I've also been curious about Roth's Tanach. Dave Bauscher told me it would just be another few months until he converts his Interlinear Peshitta Torah to "Plain English", so we should have more Peshitta fun coming up in the English language in the near future!
While I will agree with you on the excitement of David Bauscher's work, I find it hard to believe that another edition from Roth could ever raise an eye brow. Now don't get me wrong as I have the 4th Edition of the AENT and I think it is the best ReNewed Covenant version on the market today, thanks to Paul Younan's and James Murdoch's transnational works along with others efforts (such as Laurence L. Sheets putting paul Younan's Interlinear into plain English form, and who ever it was that put James Murdoch's translation into modern day English so all that Roth had to do was do a quick edit to put fourth what become known as the AENT/hebrashitto), but as attested to by many here on and others around Roth has carried the same transnational mistakes, made by Younan and Murdoch, from the 1st Edition right on through to his 5th. So really one should not have any reasonable expectation that Roth would ever put fourth a better edition in the future. And again being I think the footnotes as well as the transnational work done by the afore mentioned men combined with Roth's edits make for the best there is at the moment, and while there is still plenty room for improvement upon this work one can just as easily get any edition, from the 1st to the 5th, of the AENT and have the same thing coming and going. That having been said if you want an AENT just get the 5th edition from Roth's site or perhaps look online for a used older edition. Just know this, do not expect any of them to be perfect as many can attest that the more they look over the AENTs the more distrait they become over lost hopes of it being what it was advertised to be. And after all that I will say again, simply do not wait with baited breath in hopes that Roth will make a 6th edition, just go and get one as soon as you can afford. And please do yourself a favor and look for the good all throughout it because as mention it would become a full time job if one decided to fully critique any particular version of it (OY).

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