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"Eil, Eil": Possible Scribal Error?
Akhi Paul,

I'd argue that it's a bit more than a mere phonetic transcription for emphasis, though, because the plene /)yl/ is also used in terminal theophoric names:

Peshitta/Syriac vs. Other Dialects
/)ysr)yl/ vs /)ysr)l/ or /)y&r)l/ = Israel
/yw)yl/ vs /yw)l/ = Joel
/dny)yl/ vs /dny)l/ = Daniel
/(mnw)yl/ vs /(mnw)l/ = Immanuel
/gbry)yl/ vs /gbry)l/ = Gabriel
/gmly)yl/ vs /gmly)/l/ = Gamaliel
/pnw)yl/ vs /pnw)l/ = Phanuel
/myk)yl/ vs /myk)l/ = Michael

etc. etc. etc.

And yet if the theophoric is initial, it's written defective:

Peshitta Spelling
/)ly)/ = Elijah (a double-theophoric)
/)ly$(/ = Elisha
/)ly(zr/ = Eleazar or Eliezer
/)ly$b(/ = Elizabeth
/)lyqym/ = Eliakim

Given the consistency, this looks more like a dialect feature than mere emphasis.


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