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"Eil, Eil": Possible Scribal Error?
ScorpioSniper2 Wrote:I always found the Peshitta's "Eil, Eil" during the cry of dereliction instead of "Eli, Eli" very peculiar. Could the Peshitta be saying "El"? I know Mark renders it both as "Eil" and "Alahi" to make it more familiar to the Assyrian/Aramean audience. The Curetonian Gospels and the Sinaitic Palimpsest say "Alahi, Alahi" instead (more evidence of the Old Syriac Gospels being revisions of the Peshitta?). I know that the letters Lamed and Yod could be mistaken for each other if you draw one or the other of them to small or too large. Could this be a scribal error? Is "Eil" (if "El" is not intended) attested to as an Aramaic word outside of the Peshitta?

Shlama Akhi Dylan.

I think the answer to your question is alluded to in the very next verse (v.47):

"And some there thought He was crying out to Eliyah."

Matthew was simply spelling out phonetically how the word was pronounced so that he could explain the confusion among the hearers.

It's like if we write that a person from the south said "Good Lawd" in his accent, and confused his hearers who thought he was referring to something other than "Lord".

I would be careful in trying to etymologically analyze "Eil" - it might just be a phonetic spelling, for purposes of clarifying v. 47.

Remember also, the final Yodh in the 1st-person possessive noun is not pronounced. So Matthew wrote it phonetically as annunciated, and Mark wrote it grammatically as a literary style.


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