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Jesus spoke in Galilean Aramaic or any other dialects?
Bram Wrote:If then, based on written by akhi Paul and

So the Middle Aramaic, 200 B.C. - 200 A.D here is Old Galilean?
and Late Aramaic, 200-700 here is 'Syriac' time (using Estrangela script) and
Modern Aramaic, 700 to our time here is 'Swadaya/Serto' script (modern/neo-Assyrian time?).

I need your enlightment.


Hi Bram

Please keep in mind also, that those time period classifications are very general. For instance, there are dozens of varieties and dialects of modern Aramaic today. The same was true of all of those periods of time. Aramaic is a monolith of a language. People who spoke it in any time period dealt with a myriad of variation in their experience. You become very good at being multi-dialectic.

Just like modern Assyrians don't just speak one dialect individually, our Lord and His disciples didn't just speak just one dialect, either.


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