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Peshitta vs OS
shelam lkohn

Yesterday I was studying some OS' parts, especially the beginning of Luke's gospel. Only the old sinaitic still have this part, and I've could see that the OS didn't understand what that 4 first chapter really means. Especially the verse 3.
The OS reads (I translate) : It seemed (good) to me also, having examined of all things from the very first, to write unto you accurately, in order, excellent Theophilus (...)
Or the greek par?kolouth?koti doesn't fit to an historian 's work. This verbs is used by Demosthenes, Josephus to say they have not used source, but that they witnessed what they write... Nobody understood that Luke was from the beginning (of the apostle traditions) a "ear-witness" ...
Except the Peshitta : It seemed (good) to me, since having been present (qriv) form the beginning...

Of course Luke doesn't mean he was present since Jesus' boyhood, but he was present from the very first of the eye witness' tradition...

The Peshitta's only text understand what par?kolouth?ti means

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