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Method of the Transmission of the Aramaic New Testament
AS the Aramaic New Testament was copied from manuscript to manuscript (from one generation to the next generation) was this method done in isolation? I have come across some statements in the past on this forum that state (almost as if this was an historical fact) that the text of the Aramaic New Testament was so very carefully and meticulously copied with great care in so much that some kind of records were kept so as to keep track of the few variants in the Aramaic New Testament.

Let me just ask it this way: How much of a safegaurd and isolation was practised in the transmission of the New Testament Aramaic Peshitta? And, (2) were the scribes who did the copying cognizant in their minds that they were copying from the original text and original language (from one manuscript to the next; and from one scribal generation to the next)?


Mike Karoules [/b]
Let me ask this way (as I attempt to condense and simplify my question):

Did the copiests or scribes of the New Testament Peshitta purposely SHIELD the New Testament text from outside infuence?

Or, was this "shielding" already a reality since, for the most part, the Church of the East was isolated?


Mike Karoules
Hi Mike,
I have my on view on this subject.
As much as I know there was death penalty for copying New
Testament Peshitta. So, the copying was made in secret and
looks like there was no control over the copyists. Therefor all COE
Manuscripts are identical. So, the prince of this world decided to destroy
the COE physically. Look at the persecutions of the Assyrians.
On the other side the Chaldean Roman Catholic Churches were flourishing
with the Roman Catholic Church. Emperor Constantine was controlling the text
e.g. In the western world we have big mess in a lot of contradicting manuscripts.
I believe it was done purposely to discredit Christianity. The Rome has been always flourishing
and their Christians were protected. The Rome is loved by this world.
I believe that COE transmission of the text is the only reliable.

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