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Clarity on the definition of "Hebrew" as in Acts 22:2
would be better if you paste quotes instead of verses numbers.
You save time of ours.
Now I am pasting them:
John 20:16 - Jesus said to her, Mary. She turned around and said to him in Hebrew, Rabbuli! which means, My Teacher!
John 5:2 - And there was there in Jerusalem a certain place of baptizing, which was called in Hebrew Bethesda; and there were in it five porches.
John 19:13 - And when Pilate heard this declaration, he brought Jesus forth, and sat upon the tribunal, in a place called the pavement of stones; but in Hebrew it is called Gabbatha.
John 19:17 - bearing his cross, to a place called a Skull, and in Hebrew called Golgotha;

Yes, looks like they relate to Mosaic Hebrew.
Also we have Yeshua which means Savior (whereas Aramaic is Mahyanan), Bethlehem, Bethania.Angel said to Mary that you call his name Yeshua for He will save His people from their sins. This is Hebrew not Aramaic origin.
On the other side we also have Mishnaic Hebrew.
Mike Kar wrote
Quote:Also, according to Acts 1:19 Peter says, "And it was known unto all the dwellers at Jerusalem; insomuch as that field is called in THEIR proper TONGUE, 'ACEL'DAMA,' that is to say, "the field of blood."
On the other side these can be loan words from Aramaic.
As much as I remember (but not 100% sure, needs to be rechecked) once I was reading Talmud and Aramaic words were mixed with Mosaic Hebrew words and also abundantly Greek words too.
So, the Hebrew language of that time could be looking like mixture of these languages.
Therefore I did not know that any of the writers of old ever called it Aramaic.

Concerning Acts 22:2
(Etheridge)Acts 22:2 - And when they heard that Hebrew he was speaking with them, the more they ceased; and he said to them,
(Lamsa)Acts 22:2 - And when they heard him speak to them in the Hebrew tongue (Aramaic), they were the more quiet: And he said,
Lamsa seems "corrected" the author of the Acts here.

In Greek it says in "Hebrew dialect". It is evident that the Jews had some dialect
within one big language, probably and this mixture was their dialect.

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