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Aramaic Text of Revelation Forms Sword and Staff on a Map
I found another sign in my living room…
[Image: chimney-staff.jpg]
As you guys know, I’ve written about synchronicities that help me personally confirm my research.  For example, after finding this sword & staff code, I saw the exact shape of the shepherd’s staff head shining as sunlight through my dome window. What are the odds of that?!  Although it is a totally natural phenomenon in my house, when it happens it does need a lot of conjunctions: it must be the right season and the sun shines at the correct angle at the correct time right into my living room given the unique triangle shape of my window.  It only works because the sun strikes an old speaker my dad gave me (my dad just happened to set up for me in just that spot).  I’ve never had to do a thing, the sunlight shines right there whenever the time comes – all I have to do is see it.

Well, I found another sign last week.  Here is how it happened: I woke up around 2am on the Sabbath because I couldn’t sleep, so I made myself some tea and sat down to think about mathematical principles I’m working on (I do this frequently).  Only one lamp in the house was on, a dim lamp next to a little clay lantern I received from Israel.  Because the lighting was casting a shadow I noticed that my fireplace chimney is also in the exact shape of the head of the shepherd’s staff!  Again, what are the odds?  I haven't measured the angles yet, but I expect they are a match too - they certainly look the same. Further confirming this coincidence, the previous week my wife had even put a little star at the base of the chimney (which she handmade for our Christmas tree), right where the star/angel would be for the church of Laodicea.

To confirm this sign as a measurement, I got out my ladder and measured the chimney sections precisely.  Amazingly, the ratios are a 99% to 100% match with the ratios of the actual shepherd’s staff on the face of the earth, with miles matching inches with precision: 

Shepherd’s staff
Thyatira to Sardis = 31.6 miles (30% of 107)
Sardis to Philadelphia = 28 miles (26% of 107)
Philadelphia to Laodicea = 47.4 miles (44% of 107)
Total length: 107 miles
My Chimney
Top section (matches Thyatira to Sardis): 50.5 inches (30% of 167.5)
Mid section (matches Sardis to Philadelphia): 44 inches (26% of 167.5)
Lower section (matches Philadelphia to Laodicea): 73 inches (44% of 167.5)
Total length: 167.5

What does this mean to me?
I prayed to Yahweh several months ago for guidance -- I wanted to know what happens at the end of the Laodicea church era (Laodicea era = 1973 to circa 2018-2020).  Does the church pick up the sword and staff and proceed to fight for justice to reclaim this world from the forces of darkness?  Or is the church destined for slaughter because it is powerless and diseased (as described in the message to Laodicea)? 

In my chimney sign, immediately after Laodicea is my fireplace -- so it seems to me this sign would mean that the church is destined for destruction by fire.

And this makes sense.  The job of the church in Revelation 12 was to protect the woman (the faithful keeping the commandments and testimony of Yahshua) in the wilderness (outside Israel) for 1,950 years.  But today the church is functionally powerless, as evidenced by the unmitigated moral and physical degradation of society: the church cannot even stop abominations like human cloning and hybrid creatures in laboratories.  The church is powerless to protect people in this technocratic and heathenistic society.

Prepare yourself and your family for tribulation.  Can you continue to rely upon and consume the worldly system for your ‘needs’, such as your industrially produced food, your drug and metal and chemical-laced water, your pollution-based electricity, your Caesar’s money, your dominating and spying computers, your media circus, your suffering drugged healthcare? Should we not expect to be consumed by the system that we consume?

Fortunately, the Father consistently saves a remnant.  Like an acorn that survives a fire (this was another sign found in my chimney & furnace), I consider it wise to be small and tucked away as much as possible from the fiery consumption advancing on the diseased forests of the world.  A fire is part of a cycle or loop, and even after a fire a protected acorn can germinate when its season arrives.
One thing is certain, Greg. You have a very overactive imagination.

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