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On the reading "church of God" (Acts 20:28)
Shlama all,

Here is an old essay about the readings of acts 20:28, based on biblical and patristic evidences:

On the reading church of God (Acts 20:28)

There is an apendix concernig the Peshitta:


The author of this essay seems to favor the reading Church of the Lord (Kurios?) instead of Church of God (Theo)

Good find, Phil. Just read through it. I think the fact that the Greek and Latin versions, and the Greek and Latin father's in their commentaries, show a mixed bag reading of "Church of God", Church of the Lord", "Church of the Lord and God" and even "Church of Christ", is very telling...also that the Jacobite and Monophysite Peshitto version copies of The Peshitta Text, shows variation in their readings of both "Church of God" and "Church of Christ".

Only The Chruch of The East, maintains a uniform text for this verse, in all their copies of The Peshitta.

I know some translations from the Greek translate this verse as "...the church of God, which He purchased with the blood of His own Son". Most translations seem to stick with "the church of God, which He purchased with His own blood." Could the Greek word for blood not only be taken as the substance flowing through our veins, but also blood relatives? Similar to the English idiom that we use when talking about our relatives.

In the Greek version, the word structure is "with the blood of his own" rather than "with his own blood" some English translators have thought to add the word "Son" at the end of the sentance.
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