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Aramaic word for priest
I was wondering if I could get some help on the aramaic word for priest I found it in the book of hebrews as kumra or koom-ra the letters are kap , waw , mem , resh , alep is this also the same word used in the Targums for high priest?

Good find!
Kumrea is the word for priests like Melkisedek. Only the Aramaic Targum and the Peshitta make this disctinction. (Others might tell more about this I guess)
Kahen, is the word for a priest from the tribe Levi.

You can find these words easily here
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> (type the English word and find the used Syriac words in the peshitta)
In most Aramaic dialects, kumra is generally used to describe pagan priests. In Syriac it is occasionally used to describe Hebrew and pre-Jewish priests (aye like Melchizedek), and I'm sure that there are a few unaccounted for uses here and there.

The more "generic" word for "priest" is, indeed, kahana (cognate of the Hebrew kohen).
Thanks Steve for your help Isee they used kap, he, nun, alep looked at vs found in the targums on bibleworks 8 I just can't figure out how to copy and paste I am not very good with computers I will have to look at your web site.

Shalam Mike

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