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Is this Aramaic bible verse accurately translated ?
The khabouris Codex transcript

Philipians 4:13

Hi Paul. and everyone!

I want to know if it's accurate with the translation and Aramaic writing. I need help cracking it down.
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Thanks in Advance

The transcription is the same as the Aramaic text of The Khabouris Codex...and the English translation of John Wesley Etheridge seen there is very close to the Aramaic wording, more so than some others Iv'e seen.

Okay thank you very much. I like this version very much its much more elegant in such ways. and seem like the very original context.

this particular one "For everything I am empowered through the Meshiha who strengthenth me" Philippians 4:13
Truly is a blessing to find these fascinating finds. I have recently come across the ancient biblical text in Aramaic etc and always wondered the Language and mother tounge of Christ.

God bless
Indeed...I'm glad you've found God's treasured Word in Aramaic, and welcome you to this forum. The Eastern Aramaic Peshitta New Testament can't be beat, as you are seeing...The Khabouris Codex is most likley only a 3rd generational copy of the original Aramaic Scriptures handed to The Church of the East by The Apostles during the 1st century.


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