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Beautiful rendition of the Qadish
Performed by our beloved Shamasha, Allen Youseffi, and Gabriella Arabou.

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Qadish, Qadish
Holy, Holy

Qadish MarYah Alaha Khaelthana
Holy is YHWH the God of Hosts

Damlen Shmaya w'Araa men teshbkhathe
Heaven and earth are full of His Praises

w'Men Kyan Ithutheh
And of the Nature of His Being

w'Men hidra d'ziweh mshabkha
And of the Excellency of His Glorious Splendor

Hushana ba'mrawmeh
Hosanna in the heights

Hushana l'Awreh d'Dawid
Hosanna to the Son of David

Brikh d'etha wa'athe ba'Shmeh d'MarYah
Blessed is He Who came and comes in the Name of YHWH

Hushana ba'mrawmeh
Hosanna in the heights

+Shamasha Paul
very beautiful! sharing this on my FB! =)

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