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The Lord's Prayer
bobcny Wrote:thus therefore pray you father heavens sanctify name
bring realm turn desire as heaven also earth
[ ? ] bread need today
forgiveness for debts as also we forgive debtors
proper bring trials but deliver assuredly from evil
because own is realm works glory world ages

I arrived at the above by using and found it interesting that each line, except the 3rd(which starts with an undefined Aramaic word), all have 8 words. I love looking at scripture like this, as long as I don't hurt myself.

I'm looking for other resources that attempt to provide direct English translations for each word found in the Peshitta. Do you know of other, rigorous efforts?

The most accurate version hands down will continue the be that which is written on the fleshy tablets of our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

I await your prayerful response.


I guess that you took first word' of the meaning in the column with english words for the ARamaric original. If you just take the first meaning, it would not always produce an idiomatic correct meaning.
Often nouns can mean idomatically different things. As in the case with inflections (our/his/her/my etc) this normally not the case.

From Abudar2000 I found his list of 'ab' father.
abu -> aba -> Father
abu (seems to be of Akadian Origin), but in Syriac we have the following words:

aba -> Father (emphatic state)
ab -> My Father
abu -> Father (the word which the following suffix attach to)
abukh -> your father (masculin singular)
abuh -> Her father
abuy -> His father
abun -> Our Father
abukhun -> your father (masculin plural)
abuhun -> Their father

For a good translations see here
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As youi can see with those translations, they are on par with the KJV (for instance) and the word 'Amen' is colored red, as this is added (implied)

God bless you

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