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David Bauscher Interlinear-Plain English Parallel
Hey T.R.

Dave for the most part is pretty true to the text he uses. I don't say that his translation is without its merits, it's just not the Peshitta NT, but the Peshitto version instead. Which he seems to want to cloud the truth about, ignoring the distinction, and trying to craft his own history based on his ideals, rather than on any known facts.

And besides a few of his unique doctrinal positions, and some of his preferred interpretations of certain passages and verses, he stays true to the text he used. But I don't take anything for granted, so I always check when I study a verse in translation.

Andrew Roth does not use the Crawford Text of Revelation, if I read his 1st edition notes correctly. And I am not sure which MSS Janet Magiera used for her Western Five translations, but can ask her to find out. Other than these three, I don't know of another Aramaic/Syriac Interlinear of Revelation other than the one at Which uses the BFBS/UBS text for Revelation; though I think they may add the Crawford MSS to the tool one day.


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