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Anguelion (Gospel) is not a Greek Word
Quote:Anguelion is not a greek word, the sufix "lion" is from hebrew and aramaic rules, not from the greek, see Isaiah 8:1, where guilion is found, and comes from the word galah, like Elion (hebrew and aramaic) comes from the word "alah", and guilion means revelation or scroll. The word "An" or "On" means power or strength (reshit oni - the beginning of my strength, see Gen. 49:3), and it refers to the first-born of a father, so Anguelion is composed by two words, On/An and Guilion, that forms the word "The revelation" or "The Scroll" of the "First-born" or "Powerful" "revelation / scroll". "On" also means sufferer or suffering (see first name of Binyamin is "Ben-Oni" "Son of my aflicction / sorrow"), so Onguelion or Anguelion also means the "The revelation" or "The Scroll" of the "sufferer" [of Isaiah 53].

Lets consider this version.
If we find in the NT Peshitta words "on" (or "an") and "lion" separately then
this would tell us something. So far I see Aramaic word "ithgli" = "has been revealed", this supports the theory. But word "on"?
Do we have in the OT prophesies about Christ that have a hint to a root of euangelion?
Jesus might take a OT word for the new teaching just like Jeshu is of Hebrew and not Aramaic origin.
"...You will call His name Jeshu for he will save His people from their sins...". Hebrew word "yeshuato" = "his salvation" and has nothing to do with Aramaic stuff. To save in Aramaic is "haya" which has also 2 meanings "save" and "life". Etheridge, I noticed, preferred to translate it as life. I would generalize it as "life" and "survive".

On the other side "euangelion" mutually replaced with "svarta" which means they have same meanings. Greeks have it as euangelion in all cases but Aramaic sometimes "euangelion" and sometimes "svarta".
"Eu" = "happy", "angello" = "praclaim" make perfect sense also.

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