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Lamsa translation Hebrews 12:12
Murdock follows exact wording:
Hebrews 12:12 - Wherefore, strengthen ye your relaxed hands, and your tottering knees:
Hebrews 12:12 - Therefore, be courageous and strong;

Lamsa has some specific personal approach and looks like he tries to render
his feeling from read verse and not an exact original picture. But some verses different person
may understand differently. But his translations are usually clear and modern English.

I think that during translations one must render exact semitic idiom but readers will get used
to them by themselves. But He has own way. All we are different.
That is called interpretation, not translation. Today its called "Dynamic Equivalence" (spelling)...

I prefer as litteral as possible and understandable in its translation.

I think it's part of the fun, to go back and read these idioms and understand them in the modern setting. Someone a thousand years from now will literally translate the modern English "weak-knead" and leave it up to the reader to enjoy discovering the ancient idiom. Some people, I suppose, would rather not bother with all of that and just want to get down to the real meaning. I guess it's a matter of preference. I too like the literal approach. There's something beautiful and archaic about the old ways people spoke.

It's pretty much what the text "means" there, but not what it "says" there... in this case it seems to be ok as rendered that way...but with that way of doing can go wrong pretty easy.

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