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St. John broken into last night
I just got a phone call from Fr. Antwan. Intruders broke out the windows, stole computers, laptops, flat screen TVs...even the sacramental wine bottles. Left many fingerprints in blood as they cut themselves on the stained glass windows. Took out a piece of my heart as I set up so much of that.

Very sad day. Hope we get through the service ok to tomorrow. How low do you have to be to take the wine? May our Father forgive them.

terrible to hear...

shedding pointless blood over He whose blood is infinitely more valuable and was shed for them / this very act... may they see it and repent!

my thoughts and prayers are with the faithful that His Spirit would yet be present tomorrow.

Chayim b'Moshiach,
I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'm in prayer for the service tomorrow.
Shlama Shamasha Paul:
Sorry to hear of the theft and abuses of freedom taken by the bloody perpetrators of this distasteful crime. May Alaha have mercy upon their souls. Instead of intoxication, may the sacred wine sober them to repentance as they wash their wounds. May their consciences be awakened to take the steps to turn themselves in.

Stephen Silver
Paul Younan wrote:
Quote:I just got a phone call from Fr. Antwan.
Who is this person?
Hebrews 10:34 - and ye were grieved for those who were imprisoned; and ye cheerfully endured the plundering of your goods, because ye knew that ye had a possession in heaven, superior and not transitory.
rainroro22 Wrote:In fact, the early Church of the East did not celebrate Christmas at all. It rather celebrated the Epiphany on Jan. 7th. To this day, in fact, "Christmas" is a rather unimportant day (liturgically speaking.) It is "Easter" that is much more important liturgically.....????

That's interesting.

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