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Rom. 10:14 (Peshitta vs Peshitto difference)
Kabouris is the same as the Peshitto and other Peshitta manuscripts in this instance. What you are seeing is that has divided the verse differently than in the other Peshitta manuscripts. The rest of the verse appears at the start of the next verse, Romans 10:15.

bar Sinko
You are right cut this part from verse 14 and pasted into verse 15.
I think it is most likley that way in the Khabouris...and Lars/Stephen keeps things the way it is in the Aramaic Text, both in the 1905 and the Khabouris.

I have seen this in other books as well... remember, there are no verse numbers in The Aramaic Manuscripts. But there is a symbol at the end of a portion/passage. And I think this is why we see this.

We can talk to Lars and see why this is for sure.


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