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Disheartened by the EO and OO attitudes
The attitudes of many orthodox faithful towards the Church of the East is very sad, they treat us as second class citizens whom are basically practicing the faith in vain.

Do you guys experience these same un Christian like attitudes by the EO and OO?
Shlama Alan,

On an individual basis I have many good friends in the "Orthodox" camp, and who are genuinely brothers in Christ. I will say that on the institutional level, those Churches seem to be the least tolerant of other traditions. But there are here in the states branches of Protestant traditions who are very intolerant as well. So I suppose it is a widespread problem.

I have many friends from the EO and OO too Shamsha but in all honesty, unless they are ignorant of the history between us, they all think the same thing.

It is a cult like attitude they maintain, especially considering they would require us to be rebaptised? This basically implies that we are not a part of the Kingdom according to them.

It is very saddening, the more I look into Orthdoxy the more intolerance I see from their camp, where from our end we label them "Sister Apostolics" see our catechism for this statement.

The OO and their Pope are even worst, the Pope does not seem to portray an ounce of love in his heart, but rather arrogance and pride by stating "We blocked the Assyrians from joining the Middle Eastern Council of Churches" why? Why would you not want dialogue with a sister Church that is being persecuted much like you? Should he take the opportunity to try and understand our position and then maybe he will see that these problems come down to philospophical semantics rather than theological differences.

I am deeply troubled by these people.
Brother Alan, is it important to you that you be accepted by these two groups? And if so, why? I feel that the Church of the East maintains the closest form of the Original Church pattern, with the smallest amount of traditions of men being part of the structure and expression.

Over the years, I have made it a practice to "Cross-Fellowship" with many Christian learn more about them and their practice and doctrine.

Shlama Akhay,

Alan, I hear you. It is very disheartening and heart breaking. But we only have control of ourselves and our actions, and as long as we continue to reach out our hands (even if we get a cold reception) we are walking in the way of our Faith.

There's a lot of history with this, a lot of bad blood between the two sides. Their camp is not yet ready to let go of it all. Think about it, this feud between the CoE vs. the OO is older than Protestant vs. Catholic, Roman vs. Greek, Sunni vs. Shiite.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your encouraging words.

Brother chuck, it isnt that being accepted is important, it's coming together in Christian unity that will benefit us all. Jesus prayed for our unity but look at what a few wicked men have managed to do. These men were satans puppets but they thought they were being zealous and defending the faith.

I for one believe we should not of even discussed the mystery of the incarnation, why couldn't we all of just agreed that God the Word took flesh and dwelt amongst us? This is all we really needed to know, anything else is mere philosophical speculation that will not benefit us?

Will Christ cast us to hell because we believed in two natures rather than one? Or that the OO believe in one incarnate nature? I believe Christ will destroy those who cast the children away because of such issues.

Shamasha Paul, yes I agree with you, but if we truly have the love of Christ in our hearts should we not work to resolve these issues? The ACOE conscience is clean, we have stretched out ouur hands and I know that Christ will commend us for trying to attain peace, for Blessed are the peace makers!
Good points Alan.

Salvation is not based upon, nor is it pre-requisite that one understands or even teaches the nature of the Incarnation perfectly. We are called by God to believe on Christ, and trust in His finished work for our redemption...not to understand perfectly how it all works.

Yes, we should continue to pray for the unity of the Churches. So far these last few months, I have attended services of The COE, The EO, Baptist, Congregational, and even a Vineyard Church. And in each of these traditions, I find Christians all doing the best that they know, in serving and worshiping God together.

We are told not to pull any weeds in the field; which must remain there until The Harvest at the end of the age...That is the work of The Reapers.

Hi Chuck,

Yes that is right, let us serve Him in love and humility, confessing His name not only with our mouths but with our deeds.

I have a feeling that people with over zealousness will be shocked on the day of judgment. God desires mercy first and foremost and many Christian brethren do not know the meaning of the word.

May God open their hearts and minds to be less judgmental and more accepting.
Akhan Alan,

It's also interesting to note that not long after both these groups finished with excommunicating righteous men who died in the good graces of the church, the EO and OO began cannibalizing one another.

Funny that both of them consider the other to be heretical as well. So it's not a surprise how they treat us.

Should we really care about what they think, anyway? I'd rather not be involved with either side to tell you the truth.

The Muslims didn't do half the evil to us that these groups did, honestly.

Shamasha, what did they do? Do you have anything that I can read regarding their persecutions towards us?

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