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A Freakishly Simple Primacy Proof
Quote:Excuse me Thirdwoe: You state that - "God sent His holy word/message unto the Hebrew/Aramaic speakers." I would like to ask where exactly in ALL of scripture ANYWHERE does it say that???


Tell me that Jesus preached the Gospel in Greek to the Hebrew and Aramaic speakers...and that The Apostles preached the Gospel in Greek to the Hebrew and Aramaic speakers...

This fact that it 1st went out to these People groups can be shown to be the case in Scripture and is not disputed by any person I have ever heard from.

God's Holy Message was 1st given orally, as you must know...then written down to Aramaic, Greek, and Latin peoples who spoke those ancient languages. And I believe that God's Holy Words, went out in those languages by the Apostles authority. They were still living when they were produced and sent out.

Again...Show me a verse, where the Eastern Aramaic Scripture is not in accord with God's Holy Word/Message. These Aramaic Scriptures were sent by The Apostles to the Christians of the Eastern lands, Zardak.

You want "proof from Scripture", yet you tell me that Matthew wrote in Aramaic. Please show me where it says this in Scripture. And if you can accept this from only tradition as passed down from earliest times...then why is that you seem to be unable to accept other traditions passed down from earliest times, that The Church of the East, recieved The NT Scriptures, in Aramaic, from the hands of the Apostles...never once having the Greek form.

Are you going to tell me that the Aramaic Scriptures are not the Word/Message of God to the Aramaic speaking peoples? That it is defective and should be discarded? How so, where is it me.

Quote:And even if it was Paul himself who wrote the Aramaic versions soon after, the Aramaic is so ambiguous because many words have up to 5 distinct meanings and makes it hard to achieve a coherent precise accurate English translation, but with the Greek language it is more conducive to achieving a one-to-one translation. Thus why so many verses translated from the Aramaic are just plain "WRONG."

Instead of just making general critical statements, why not show some proof here? Lets look at it. Show me where the Eastern Aramaic Text is faulty. Any verse. Not the English translations of it...but IT. Show me where it is faulty against a Greek text of your choice...there are many out there, so you can pick which one to go with. You seem to like the Panin version right? Use that one then...

Quote:There's no point for all the Aramaic primacy "theorists" to sit on their high-horse and look down on us, we are the ones with the original scriptures matey, not you lot. A lot of Aramaic primacy advocates stick there nose up at us lot, because pride has blinded them to the TRUTH that the Greek as evidenced by all my PROOF is the original writings of Paul.

Zardak, this is how you are acting to us here. Can you see it? And so far I have seen zero "proof" from you, only your best assumptions as to how things were, as you say they were. That is not any proof at all...just assumptions.

But, you seem to be threatened by the belief that God had His Apostles send out His Holy Word in Aramaic as well as the Greek, to those in the Churches who spoke and read these languages...The Apostles themselves sent the Gospel Message to these people groups...both of them...East & West.

I believe that both the Aramaic and Greek, were written by the Hands of the Apostles, Period either by their own hands, or by their helpers who were dictated to. How exactly this went about, we do not know....

I am in no way threatend if it were proven that the Greek form was the only one written by the Apostles...But which text was? I have a number of them here, and they vary significantly in places. Which one do you approve of? Get it out...and compare it with The Eastern Aramaic Text at the best place to do that on the <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> then get back to us when you find something wrong with the Eastern Aramaic Scriptures.

We have heard all you said now a few times, Zardak...but I for one, would like to see some evidence from Scripture please...not just your assumptions. Show me a verse in the Eastern Aramaic Text, which you don't believe is The Word of God. Just one place...and I will consider it against what has been handed down and taught in the other languages and Church doctrines as maintained from Apostolic times.


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