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Dave: Doctrines & Translations

Dave, I just read your long note for Hebrews 2:9 in your 1st Edition of your translation for the 1st time.

Now I clearly understand your position on many things.

You believe that GOD died on the Cross...The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit died on the Cross and as you say there "The Godhead as a whole suffered death in becoming sin." The Father and The Holy Spirit, became SIN!...and DIED!...that is what you say there Dave.

You go on to teach universal reconciliation, saying that the old creation and sin no longer exist in this world, but that this world we all live in since the Cross, believers or not, are now living in the "New Heavens and New Earth"...already.

You teach there that ALL people are in The Messiah today and since the Cross...saying "We must see all people as in the Messiah and as His new creatures...all their sins have passed away"...and you say further..."let us discard 'old thinking' - that is based in unbelief, that we live in the old fallen world, riddled with sin, misery, and death.

Dave....Was Hitler a "new creature" who was "in Messiah"? Was all his sin "passed away" when he went about his genocidal plans? How about those who rape children and who dismember and torture people for pleasure, such as Jeffery Dahmer and such like wicked souls, are they too part of Messiah, being His Holy Body?

This teaching, if you still hold to it, is gross deception, and not at all taught in Scripture. To your mind in this teaching, there must be no Hell...since we all, every person, since the Cross, are living in the New Heaven and the New Earth already. And no need for a 2nd Coming of Christ to this Earth...since there is nothing to restore?it?s already done...everything. This is now Heaven and the New Earth.

I have come across Universal Reconciliationists before Dave... It?s all error.

You don't even believe this stuff though Dave...not when you went after Andrew Gabriel Roth, when he published his AENT...and accused him of the sin of stealing/plagiarism...because If what you say in that note there is true (and I hope you don't still believe all that error) then Andrew Gabriel Roth, is in the Messiah, has passed into the New Heaven and New Earth from the day he was born, and sin no longer exists for or in him, since it was part of that old sin cursed world that has passed away at the Cross already, being non-existent. You are not to think of him after the flesh... But you do.

Andrew Gabriel Roth, is thus sinless in this doctrine, and you falsely accused him of something that he is incapable of walking in? Sin.

And if you think this is a personal attack against you not in any way. I don't know you personally...and this is not about your person or character...It's exposing a false doctrine that some, not just you, hold to, or once held to...or might hold to in the future, but which is not taught in The Holy Scriptures.

If you no longer teach what you teach there in your 1st edition...then I will be very happy about it, because it is major error and I don't want you to walk in it.

You say there in that note that you can't accept the Eastern Peshitta reading of Hebrews 2:9...and then go on to explain your Theology and Soteriology as some of your reasons. The 1st reason, which you don't say there, but point to your book "Divine Contact-Discovery of the Original NT...Is that you believe that God has revealed to you that the 1905 Text is God's Inerrant Text...and all others are not, in every verse. This is why, when you see a variant that does not agree with the 1905 the Eastern Manuscripts, or in the Greek must be wrong, because it must line up with the 1905 Text to be truly God's Word in your mind.

If I am misrepresenting your positions, then please correct it with what you believe on these matters. But so far, this is how I have read your comments. I'll be happy to be mistaken, if you don't believe this way...I will be glad to be wrong, if you don't hold these wrong ideas.

Dave....You are a translator of The Western Aramaic Peshitto these things are very important to know about your beliefs to those who may study your translations...and since you teach these doctrines publicly in your translations and books, they are to be addressed, challenged, and judged publicly as well.

Now saying this about some of your teachings, does not mean that I believe you are a bad person, or a wicked man, or a willful deceiver...or that you have done a bad job in your translations as a whole...but, that because of your Theology and Soteriology, these verses and others, are going to be go in that the exclusion of any other possibility or text, since you are convinced that God has told you that the 1905 "The Original New Testament".


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