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Vision Trance or Something Else
Acts 22:18 has Shaul giving account of his vision in the Temple from his early days. The KJV and NKJV record Shaul saying "and I saw..."

AENT records and I saw in vision. ESV record "trance."

Please advise me as to what the word in the Aramaic Peshitta is in this instance and why there seems to be discrepancy regarding its translation.

thank you kindly
Note the permutation of the 'in a vision/trance' between the end of verse 17 and the start of verse 18. The Greek and Latin texts attach it to 17 [the King James text also in this verse, as all other Greek translations], and the Aramaic to 18; though this permutation cannot be resolved by simply moving the verse number, as the phrase in question appears after the verb in the Aramaic. But that aside, your question is about what it means. In the Aramaic: the word translated 'and I saw him' (wahzitheh) shares root with the word translated 'in a vision' (b'hezwa). This is not reflected in the Greek or Latin, of which Greek reads 'amazement' (from the same word we get extacy) which the Latin interprets as 'amazement of mind' or 'stupor of mind.'
For what its worth, I have been using "sight" for that noun. The noun is derived from the verb root to "see". Haven't looked at every context yet, but it seems to work OK with the ones I've done so far. Maybe not so great though for Acts 22:18.

And-I-saw-him in-a-sight as-of saying to-me, ...

It makes a little more sense in a verse like this, the "walking on water" verse in Matthew:

... and-saying they-were of-the-sight ...

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