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Dead Sea Scrolls and Hebrew LXX
I have often assumed that many of the Hebrew LXX texts/copies that were the originals to the Greek Septuagint translation of the Old Testament were discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) at Qumran. I have been told this alot and have just taken this as truth for some time now. Recently I have been challenged about this. I have been asked to come up with specific LXX Hebrew manuscripts discovered among the DSS including manuscript numbers.

Well, first, is it conclusive and definitive that there were many (if not most) Hebrew manuscript copies discovered in the DSS that are IN LINE with the Greek Septuagint Old Testament.

Now, to my knowledge, the OT Hebrew Mazoritic texts or Old Testament MT far outnumber (by some calculations 95% to 5%) the Hebrew LXX copies in the DSS. Is this also verified and w/o dispute??

Thanks folks to anyone that can elaborate on this or clarify this for me. I have never really investigated this matter for myself. I have assumed that many biblical language scholars for many, many yea were "stumped" as to why many New Testament quotations of the OT were far from a word for word rendering of the Hebrew. Then came along the Dead Sea Scrolls and they discovered many of the Hebrew OT manuscripts that were the underlining texts of the Greek Septuagint. So, it was not that the Septuagint translators were bad translators but they had used a "different" Hebrew text type other than the Hebrew MT type. But is this just an hypotheses or is this scenerio proven true by the Hebrew manuscript copies discovered in the DSS??

Would anyone be able to elaborat or clarify this for me??


Mike Karoules
This really is a topic for the general forum I think, but you can start here.
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