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an interesting pious Apostolic tradition
Dear family in Yashua,Berek Maryah!!! I would like to share an interesting pious Apostolic tradition from the Orthodox church regarding the pool of Bethesda mentioned in connection with the healing of the paralytic in the Gospel of St.John 5:1-15. It is said that when Adam was expelled from the garden of Eden he took with him 2 seeds of the tree of life.One he planted just south of Jerusalem which grew into a tree which gave way to a small forest that a small village sprung up.The other he dropped which became the spot of the pool of Bethesda.The first one which became the tree became the very tree that would later be used to make the cross of our Lord from.The second which became the site of the healing pool of Bethesda which prompted the angel to descend yearly to stir up the pool for the sake of the seed to the tree of life,hense the miraculous healings.This was also the pool that was used to wash the sheep and lambs which were to be sacrificed in the temple.I just found this intersting and came across it yesturday as the miracle of our Lord healing the paralytic at the pool of Bethesda was the gospel reading for the fourth 3rd sunday after Easter in the Orthodox church.In Christ,Deacon Michael.

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