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Exodus 3:14 (I AM ASHUR I AM)?
Hi All,

I would like to know what the word Asher means in Exodus 3:14. I understand the english translation of the scriptures translate it as WHO.

The reason I ask is because there are Assyrians who believe that Gods name is Ashur(Asher) and that God here is stating I AM ASHUR(ASHER) I AM.

Any help would do.
Hi Robert. Shlama aloukh Akhan.

The word Ashur occurs elsewhere on the OT. It's spelled with a Waw. The word in exodus is totally different. It dies no hbe the Waw. Aleph, sheen, resh.
Thank you Shamasha.

I'm currently discussing the issue with a few overly zealous Assyrians and I'm trying to make myself more familiar with the topic.
Wow I just reread my post. Spell checker on the iPhone stinks. ;(

Your welcome Akhan Robert.

I've heard the argument before as well. It doesn't hold water. Both words are used many times in the OT. For instance in Isaiah or other books, even Genesis, Ashur is spelled aleph, sheen, waw, resh just like in Aramaic.

Asher is aleph, sheen, resh. No Waw. Its also a very common word in the OT.

The argument they give is silly, really. Not to mention heretical and pagan.
I agree with and accept what you are saying.

What are both words by definition?

Alap.Sheen.Waw.Resh. = Ashur, the name
Apal.Sheen.Resh = Ashr <---What does that mean?
Shlama Robert.

As you said Ashur is the name of the second son of Shem, son of Noah. It is from him that Assyrians descend. It is also the name of the country Assyria in both Hebrew and Aramaic.

Asher in Hebrew is an ambiguous pronoun. It can mean "that, which, who". It normally is the subject of the predicate that follows it. See the following link for how the word is used.

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