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Dear family in our Mari and Alaha Yashua, Berek Maryah! I wish everyone a belated blessed and Holy Pesach-Easter.As Orthodox Christians we greet oneanother with the words Christ is Risen to which the responce given is Indeed He is risen. In Arabic I believe the transliteration is close to El Messeah Quam-Haqqan Quam!!! I'm sure the Aramaic would be similar. I wanted to comment that out of all the Peshitta translations I have read only Magiera's messianic version faithfully uses the Aramaic Divine names throughout the entire translation which I find to be highly commendable.Her whole translation I find to be very accurate and smooth.She has also translated Ekhadaya not as only begotten but as unique one which touches closer the Aramaic meaning of the one.I am curious what other members of the forum think of her translation,particularly with her wonderful messianic version with the proper Aramaic Divine names.In Yashua,Deacon Michael.

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