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The book of daily prayer of the Assyrian Church of the East
Dear beloved Rafa and all in our Mari Yashua,Berek Alaha. Beloved Rafa,thanks for your post under the Diatessoron heading I had posted in regards to the link you sent me for the daily offices of canonical prayer in the Church of the East.I have been using for a long time the Shimo which is the prayer book of the hours for the Syrian Orthodox church.It is very,very beautiful but I would love to find a legible,user friendly copy of the prayer book of the Church of the East in English.The link you sent me was wonderful and the prayers posted are beautiful beyond words.Do you know where I can order a copy in English? I ordered East Syrian Daily Offices from Gorgius press trans by Maclean in the late 19th century but it is set up only for communial,liturgical use and not user friendly.I payed over 60 dollars I believe(Gorgius press is very,very exspensive but is one of the only places to find an exstensive supply of Syriac Christian books)but cannot use the book for prayer due to its set up.It will give the number of the particular psalm but not the complete psalm and also abbreviated other prayers and is set up for use in church with a priest,deacon,ect. It also doesnt explain the meanings of certain liturgical words for the divisions of the prayers,ect.It will state 1st monday Karzuta ext without making it clear how to follow and pray the services.It was obviously trans for acedemic reasons and not for individual devotion and prayer unto Almighty Alaha the Father,Alaha the Son,and Alaha the Ruach Ha Kodesh.If you or someone,maybe Deacon Younan knows where I can order a copy of the Book of daily prayer of the Assyrian Church of the East I would really appreciate it and be blessed.I understand there is possibly,ensha-Alaha a monastery for the Church of the East to be built here in the USA in the next few years.I have a very strong monastic calling and will wait to enter that monastery when it is finished,Alaha willing.I'm an Ordained deacon in the Oriental Orthodox church via the Coptic church 25 years ago but would be an official member of the Church of the East if there was a parish where I live in Minneapolis.I'm currently going and serving at the local Armenian Orthodox church as this is te closest I can get in Minneapolis besides the local Antiochian Maronite Catholic church where I sometimes go during the week to attend Quorbana to recieve the Holy Eucharest.They celebrate the Quorbana mostly in English but with certain prayers in Aramaic.The Armenian church uses ancient liturgical Armenian which was given an alphabet in the 4th century by St.Mesrob and Sahak as before this they only had a spoken language and used exclusively Aramaic for the Quorbana.Over all the Armenian church is very,very similar to the Church of the East liturgically and Apostolic tradition wise.I suppose alot of this has to due to their close proximity geographically to oneanother and that Armenia is the oldest national church in the world,Christianity being made the official religion of the state 20 years before the edict of Milan and Constantine making Christianity the state religion of the Roman empire.The ancient Assyrian church is just as old and this is surely a miracle that the Ruach Ha Kodesh has preserved these beautiful churches to this day along with the other Oriental and Eastern Orthodox churches,although it is the Church of the East and the Syrian Orthodox church who have preserved all the original semitic ancient Judao-Christian Apostolic trad of the original church to the fullest.Sorry for rambling.In Yashua,D.Michael.

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