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Estrangelo Unicode error
There already exists Estragelo Unicode characters per as mentioned in here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

These are natively supported on Windows XP and up, using Syriac (Phonetic) keyboard and Estrangelo Edessa font (both coming with Windows).
None of the alternative fonts I used came close to what Syriac (Phonetic) keyboard and Estrangelo Edessa font offers:
- When Syriac keyboard is used, input direction automatically changes to right to left
- Letters change form automatically depending if they are initial, median or final.
- Very nice looking Estragelo characters.

But when I try to input Unicode chars in the text of a message for this forum, I get a mysql error. Is this by design? It looks like mysql is set such to accept only Ansi chars? I think it would be nice to allow Unicode, as most browsers these days can handle Unicode.

If I recall correctly, changed servers a few months back. So it seems that the new MySQL server is not set up for Unicode; if you browse older posts, you'll see that posts that previously contained Unicode text now contain a garbled mess. MySQL supports Unicode, but it does not appear to be configured to utilize it.

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