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Aramaic word for "sorcery?" Does it literally mean drug use?
If the ground was cursed for Adam's sake, we know that the intent and initial design of things changed. Take thorns and thistles as an example. Some people like making thistle tea. What a great idea. An idea born of a cursed earth. And although our Father is so excellent at creating, there has surely been effects in creation these past few thousand years due to the ground being cursed for Adam's sake. The argument that all plants are "natural" and God's "planned" plants, because of the ground being cursed by our Creator, isn't actually valid in how people try to use it... If you disagree, might I suggest you try a quaint cup of angel's trumpet tea, and maybe some nice rosary pea and castor bean burritos and then we can talk... Anything that replaces the function of God's presence or His peace given through the Ruach, by other means, whatever they may be, misses the point, which, if we are honest, is really at the heart of these sort of topics. You see, if you believe that your "God's" original planting of the earth including things that weaken your will, give you hallucinations, and in many ways try to kill you, then perhaps whatever god you serve does want you to smoke pot... because that would have to be the same one... But if you believe that, say when ELOHIM (the Tanakh ELOHIM,) curses the earth and it brings forth negative things, well... there it is...the curse coming from the Creator WILL change the plant life! (Please note that the initial evidence was not for the better.)

Now in health realms, the above still applies, but I would suggest we move ourselves to higher ground. Ultimately, there must therefore be a distinction between Yahweh who heals through the bruises and stripes of Yeshua, and local foliage, regardless of the perceived benefits of something "natural", not all things edify. And not all things are of faith. And that which is not of faith, is sin. I don't think there is much faith in rolling one up.

There are many things that seem "good", yet, like the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (which was "natural" and Elohim made) it brought spiritual death and separation. Sinning with plants is an old habit we just have to kick as a people. Just because an earthly corrupt government of Babylon wants to offer you a "pot's ok" card, doesn't mean it's ok with Yahweh.

As for Timothy- A little wine for his infirmity is different than one thinking they need a little weed to just feel Gods love for human kind. For Timothy to get the sort of high-bliss one gets from smoking pot, he'd have to drink far more than a little wine. And we are told many times about the lack of benefits towards God that drunkenness offers. Yet I'm sure no one would argue that the early stages of drunkenness are also filling one with a pseudo "love toward his fellow man"... at least, many act that way.

Recently I have been learning about certain issues that affect pilots in flight. One that applies wonderfully to this talk would be what is known as hypoxia. Notably, in hypoxia, the first stage is euphoria. - An exaggerate state of well-being brought about by a lack of oxygen, or a lower level than is needed. If you are ever in a plane with a pilot experiencing this euphoria, it won't be long till the ground comes rushing towards you much faster than you intend. It is the same with these sort of issues. There is a way that seems right to a man...

They only thing that can make you feel the real love for another, is a love that is perfected in you through obedience.

I promise you, if you stay under what the Ruach has shown (the conviction you stated above) then you will see that life in the Ruach is far more impressive. (Take Rav Shaul and his talking about third heaven. Or, any of the open visions the prophets have had, or really, anything that has ever happened in the Tanakh and the NT!) We need to move past the thick outer darkness as a body of believers, and actually start believing. I find it the most wonderful place in the world, to be next to Him. And when you are, the last thing you think of is getting some foreign element to "augment" His presence. If He isn't enough now, He won't be enough then... It's hard to imagine the Levites of old, after Solomon prays and Yahweh's fire falls and smoke fills the temple that, there, on their faces, as they can't stand to minister because of His REAL presence, that the thought crosses their mind that "a little toke would really make this more palpable".

The only positive smoke I see in the Word is coming from sacrifice or His manifest presence...


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