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Aramaic word for "sorcery?" Does it literally mean drug use?
Shlama Akhi Rungold.

As with most topics there is more to it than just legality. Our Lord did turn water into wine, but that was a beverage used to get drunk, or compliment a fine meal a the wedding. It depends on the intent.

My feeling has always been that the intent and moderation of the user is more important than a strict legal or moral judgement.

Does our Lord disapprove of alcohol when used during communion? I certainly hope not, since He shared the cup his disciples. But I'm sure he would not approve of the misuse of wine by alcoholics.

Likewise there is compelling scientific evidence for medicine benefits with pot use. If it helps people with appetite and glaucoma I personally feel it would be sinful and inhumane to withhold the treatment.

But to use it for recreational purposes, while I'm not sure rises to the level of sin, raises other questions about how it supports an atmosphere of crime and potential neglect of other duties.

Is our attention on God, or our intention on setting an example to non believers when we want to drink alcohol or smoke pot?

I suppose these things should be considered first and then the answers will come to us naturally.

Shamasha Paul.

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