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Aramaic word for "sorcery?" Does it literally mean drug use?
Everytime I read about sorcery in the Bible, at least when most of it being in the OT, it talks about wizards and divinations and mumblings being sin. Back then, there must have been REAL sorcerers. Remember the sorcerers of Egypt mocked God in all the same plagues he struck them with? This tells me that when the bible talks about sorcery and magic, its actually talking about these things.

We live in a different time. I, nor any other sane person in this world today, whether Christian or not, smokes weed as a shamanistic spell or ritual to summon spirits. We just want to feel a little better throughout the day.

Also, I find it hard to believe that all the holy prophets of God didnt have fun and relaxation in their lives. A lot of them lived past 100 years old, so what do you think they were doing with their time when they weren't writing their parts in the Bible? Most likely just living a typical normal human life and enjoying simple, non-sinful pleasures.

As for pot being illegal, well, thats nothing getting a cannibas card for depression cant fix. Cause without weed, life is pretty depressing and boring. Weed just helps me get through it. Im much more likely to read the Bible and be more spiritual and kind to my fellow neighbor when high and feeling good than when sober, irritable and cranky.

Even Paul recommended some medicine for Timothy's stomach didn't he? If "God is all you need" then why didnt Paul rebuke the thought of medicine as a faithless action unto God?

As far as I see it, I can still follow Torah and love Yshua and smoke weed. Man-made drunkeness makes you act a fool and causes you to lose control of your behavior and actions, but the herb in question does not.

Yay or nay?

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