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Hebrews 2:7 - "Angels"???
If we look at the OT text of Psalms 8:5, we realize that this is where the writer of Hebrews got his quote from. In the KJV and others, elohim in the Hebrew is translated as angels, considering the LXX. Looking at the Hebrew, and looking at the Targums given here at the website, it both says "a little lower than God", whereas the LXX and the GNT and the Peshitta have "a little lower than the angels". This is unexpected to me, as i expected the Peshitta to have no LXX or GNT abnormalities.

Is there anything else to clearly suggest this meaning of the verse? Why would anyone make elohim to definately mean angels? i don't think we need a discussion on th term elohim and how it refers to Moses, i'd rather would like to know why Psalms 8:5 is interpreted in the way the LXX does whereas the Targums do not interpret in that manner.
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