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Can I get some help
Hi Guys, having a debate with an oriental orthodox, please see below. The bolded parts are his responses.

Coptic attitude?

Who said that I was Coptic?

I have identified merely as Oriental Orthodox. The Coptic church is not the only Oriental Orthodox church.

Originally Posted by Christ's_Warrior
I am Assyrian and I would like to clarify that there are 3,000,000 ACOE members in the world not 300,000.

Cite your sources. All of the ones I have seen so far have identified there being 300,000 members of the CofE and 900,000 of the Uniate Chaldean church.Originally Posted by Christ's_Warrior
We were never kicked out of byzantine as we were apart of Eddessa

Quote:In 489 the Nestorians were kicked out of Edessa and had to flee to Nisibis.

Originally Posted by Christ's_Warrior
and we were never a part of your Church.

Quote:You were part of the Communion of the One Universal Church and then left it.

Originally Posted by Christ's_Warrior
We grew and developed independantly.

Quote:Then why was it necessary for Antioch to have representation at the 410 Council of Seleucia?
Originally Posted by Christ's_Warrior
We never knew of Nestorious' existance,

Quote:What does it matter? Theodore of Mopsuestia is the real author of the Nestorian heresy, so the person of Nestorius is rather irrelevant.
Originally Posted by Christ's_Warrior
our Christology is not nestorian

Quote:Word games. Your Christology is that of Theodore of Mopsuestia, which is heretical.
Originally Posted by Christ's_Warrior
whom by the way are also full of hate and venom so i understand why you are the same.

Quote:I don't hate you. You assuming that I hate you because I think you are heretical and not part of the Church of Christ just goes to show how irrationally you are thinking.
Originally Posted by Christ's_Warrior
Our Church like your Church was founded by the Apostles

Quote:Many churches founded by the Apostles have fallen away from the Apostolic faith.
Guys, can someone please please please articulate response for me as I am not sure of the historical background of these issues, God Bless you.
Why was Rafa's post deleted?

So no takers on giving me a hand brothers?

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