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Does Crawford MS contain original aramaic Revelation?
Shlama Khulkon:
The Crawford Codex is an inferior copy of the original Peshitta. Large portions reflect the Peshitta verbatim, but there are variants. The Crawford Codex has not been transcribed yet. The original is at John Rylands University Library .
The Original Peshitta text does not include the Western -5 (II Peter, II John, III John, Jude and Revelation). In my personal opinion the Crawford Codex is not an inspired copy of the Peshitta text The Mingana is in my opinion, as close to the original Peshitta text as you can find today. The Khabouris Codex is also very close to the original text. Again, this is my opinion based on study and comparison of all of the texts in question, not in whole but many samplings from each.

Stephen Silver
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