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Does Crawford MS contain original aramaic Revelation?
konway87 Wrote:According to Steven Silver, Crawford Codex has only one western change (Hebrews 2:9). So after Peshitta, I think it is the next most accurate manuscript.

I disagree. The Khabouris Codex, Yonan Codex(of which we have transcribed only a small portion and the Mingana Codex are all virtually identical, while the Crawford Codex has minor grammatical errors and some variations which I found later one. I don't have a list of the errata of the Crawford Codex.
I transcribed the Western Five from the Crawford Codex and it vaties from the UBS (United Bible Society).

Mingana Codex
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The Mingana Codex is in excellent written form and in my personal opinion it is better than the Khabouris Codex.

Stephen Silver

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