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Netzar and Natzar
Please clear the etymology of these two words, be they from the Hebrew or Aramaic, and their meaning.

I know Netzar, which means the stump (entire papers written up on this) from Jesse, is also the root that we get Netzarim from, which was the title the early followers took (or were given, not really sure). This I got.... I think.

What about Natzar, which has many meaning, which you don't really have to go into. But is there such a word as Natzarim, which I've read is the title coined by those who 'guardm keep, or watch over' truth and Scripture.

I think I saw it written somewhere that the early Pharisees used Natzari and Natzarim as a derogatory term towards the Netzarim, since it was an intentional misspelling of the word Netzarim, and from what I've gathered, Natzarim actually isn't a word, but really just an attempt to give Natzar or Natzari a plural form. Enlighten me, please.

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