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Hi Guys few questions
I am quite familar with the NIV and have read much of its New Testament version. It is as bad as the NASB and the NRSV and has the same errors as found in the so-called Critical text. I don't know anything about the NLT, but you can check Matt 6:13 ,and Luke 2:14 and Matt 6:27 to see if those errors discussed above are present. I expect that they are.

I think that the first Minority text was developed in the Roman Catholic Church and was linked to the Fourth Century work of Jerome who was given the job of creating an improved Latin Bible, the Vulgate, for the Roman Church. The Greek Vaticanus text seems to have been associated with his work and may have been the best Greek text that was available at that time. I think Jerome mentioned a "Hebrew" text which may have actually been the Peshitta. Like the Peshitta, Vaticanus does not have the story in John of the woman caught in adultery.

Since all Greek New Testament manuscripts involved translation from an Aramaic original, or the best version available which may have been damaged. With no priniting presses and most old manuscripts partially lost by damage to the frail paper-like mediam used, much of text may not have been available. Piecing together a proper text was not easy in the isolation of Rome, especiaally because the Greek and Roman Churches were probably not in close communication. It was not theat the Greek church expanded the New Testament as some claim, but rather that the Roman Church did not have a good or complete copy. Also, Jerome probably made changes based on his own attemps to read the available Aramaic mansucripts. The flaws and missing sections of the minority text is not evidence that it is the original as some claim.

My interpretation of these different mansucripts is supported by the fact the the Pershitta and the Greek Orthodox New Testaments have very few conflicts!

I have seen the New King James Version in the pews of the Mar Yosip Church of the East Parish, here in San Jose Ca. And have not checked the Orthodox Study Bible's text yet, to see how it lines up with the Peshitta. But plan to.

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