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Another Hack attack
Shlama Paul and everyone,

I began getting blank emails from Christina that were also cc'ed to The emails contain a link that I have proven to be dangerous. It is a virus. My software caught and killed it. Christina confirmed this as well that she was not sending the messages and the same thing happened on her PC. She also expressed concern that the hack may have originated from here to get on her PC. I have no way of knowing that as a fact of course.

If you receive one of these messages, delete the email immediately and run a deep virus/spyware scan just to make sure you have not been compromised. Do NOT leave that email in your inbox, even where it is accessible through the deleted registry. Delete it twice and get it completely out of there.

Thought you should know!
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth
You are describing a hijacking of Christia's mail address. This has no relation to anything but her own email and / or computer. Most likely, she once entered her account information on some dubious website, which usually sttes in the TOS that they will use your email for spam (or whatever they call it). Changing her account password should do the trick. She should also run a spyware and virus scan on her computer just to be safe.
Jesus is the one true God of the Bible.
Just coming to mind, she should maybe use a program like "HijackThis" ( and paste the logfile here. That way, i could be of further assistance.
Jesus is the one true God of the Bible.

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