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Church of the East and the Eucharist/Holy Qarbuna
Shlama akhi Paul and others,

I have one question in regard to the Church of the East's stance on the Holy Qarbuna.

Does does the Church teach like the Catholics, transubstantiation (that the SUBSTANCE of the bread changed into the body and blood of Mar Yeshua) or Real Presence (that the body and blood of Yeshua are present IN the Eucharist/Qarbuna/communion) like the Orthodox, Lutherans, and Reformed protestants, or do you believe that it's symbolic, like the other protestants?

with the love of Mshikha,

I got the idea that the Orthodox didn't teach transubstantiation from an Eastern Orthodox friend of mine.

was that the catechism from the Assyrian Church of the East? if so, is there any place where I coluld get a hold to that?
Thank you very much.

Peace and blessins in the name of our Master, Yeshua Mshikha.

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