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visitor to st. john's church in chicago
Sorry for this random message, but my priest at St. John's Church of the East wanted me to get a hold of Dan that just visited us last Sunday. Please send me a private message, so I can send you my contact info. Again, feel free to come join us down in Chicago whenever you like.

God Bless,

Nimrod Warda
Hmm, the PM system seems to not be working quite right, so I'll just post here.

Shlama, Nimrod.

So, I'm the one who visited St. John's church last Sunday. I was going to PM you earlier, but I hesitated and then got busy. I really enjoyed my visit. It was a real blessing to meet you and talk with you over snacks afterward.

bar Sinko
It was very nice meeting you as well! Qasha Klutz wanted to welcome you more formally as well as discuss your interest in our church. He is quite a jokester if you didn't notice.

Peace for now,

Nimrod Warda
Shlama bar-Sinko, It was nice to meet you last Sunday after knowing you so Manu years on the net. Are you a Chicago native?
Shlama Nimrod and Paul,

I've had a longstanding interest in the history of the COE, due to finding this website almost ten years ago. Due to my own Lutheran church background, I have a strong appreciation for liturgy. I also am interested in languages and in getting to know the roots of Christianity. It was quite a good experience to finally be able to visit St. John's last Sunday. I'd been looking forward to the opportunity for a while.

My girlfriend just moved into the area and we are now looking together for a church. A COE church probably isn't the best for us as a couple, so I probably won't be attending much. However, I do hope to remain in contact and perhaps visit occasionally. I thank you, Nimrod, and Paul, and the lady who welcomed me at the door for making me feel welcome.

I grew up in Crystal Lake, Illinois, but have spent the last 6 years in Champaign-Urbana for grad school. I just moved to Evanston a month ago.

bar Sinko

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