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Brothers of Jesus
Hello Everyone,
I have a question. In Gospel of Matthew Chapter 13:55, James, Yoseh, Simon, and Yehuda are called brothers of Jesus. Does "the brother" in Aramaic can also mean cousin?

In Gospel of John, Chapter 19:25 clearly states that Virgin Mary's sister is Maryam of Qalyopa (in Paul Younan's Interlinear Translation). James the less and Jude are the sons of Khalpai. Is it possible that Khalpai and Qalyopa are the same person?

Due to the mistranslations, Khalpai became Alphaeus.
Brother also can be 'uncle' from what I read here.
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Maybe related to this? Mark 2:24?

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I didn't know that, distazo. Thanks for pointing it out. But in the Gospels, I think Yehuda (Jude), Yaqob the less (James the less), and Yoseh are the sons of Mary (possibly a sister of Virgin Mary). Another tradition says that Qalyopa was brother of Joseph (Foster Father of Jesus). I think the confusion happened because of another mistranslation. In English Bible, Thaddeus is also called Lebbaeus in Gospel of Matthew 10:3.

But in Paul Younan's Interlinear Translation (Matthew 10:3) , Thaddeus (Yehuda) is called Lewi. Just like Yaqob the less, Lewi was also the son of Khalpai. Like Mattai, Lewi was a tax collector. We see Lewi as a tax collector in Mark 2:14. Like Yaqob the less, Yehuda (Lewi) was the son of Khalpai (Qalyopa).

But due to mistranslations, Khalpai ended up becoming Alphaeus. Lewi became Lebbaeus. And today, a lot of people think Lewi and Mattai are the same person. And Alphaeus and Clopas (Qalyopa) are 2 different person.

Here is a wikipedia link that gives lots of wrong information, because they think New Testament was originally written in Greek.

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