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The Hoax of the Three Days and Three Nights
In Yashua, in is precisely the fact that our Mari Yasua used the allegorical sign of the Prophet Jonah as Jonah's being within the belly of the whale was a mystical-vision which makes the 3 days and nights not subject to our concept of 3 actual full days and 3 actual full nights.Our Lord made this clear in His referancing the only sign to be given was the sign of the Prophet Jonah and how this matches our Mari's 3 days and nights being within the tomb before His glorious resurrection.He was using Jonah and his being in the belly of the whale for 3 days and nights as a powerful spiritual allegory.Our Mari had also pointed out that Ninevah repented at the preaching of Jonah and that the towns our Mari taught in who didnt accept Him would suffer a much worse fate as He is infinitely greater than Jonah yet the Ninevites repented at the teaching of Jonah.3 days and nights doesnt have to literally mean this exact amount of time and could and does in this context as 3 days and 3 nights mean from Friday at the time our Lord;s human nature died on the cross to Sunday morning at His glorious ressurection.As the day starts at Ramsho-sunset,we have the Friday before his death on the cross,Saturday,the Sabbath starting at sunset,then Sunday morning being the 3rd day as it began officially at sundown on Saturday.Maryah is beyond time and created time for mankind and creation to measure the cange from 1 moment to the next and for the observances of days,months years and seasons.What truely matters is that the Mseekha has risen after the 3 days and has raised us all who know and believe in Him as Alaha the miltha and only begotten Son of the Father,Alaha incarnate for our redemption.The scriptures are full of allegories and comparisons which is exactly the context our Mari intended when referring to the sign of the prophet Jonah.In Yashua,D.Michael

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