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RQ update and a call for a little help!
Shlama all--

As some of you know, second editions for my three previous books are being developed and new material is being added. Some of that new material is obvious I think--that "new" Westcott quote will be there to be sure.

But here's where I need your help. I am adding a lot of stuff and one of the new sections is called "The Return of the Magnificent Seven", by which I mean 7 of my favorite Peshitta scholars who are largely "unsung heroes" in my view, which is why Lamsa is his own separate thing--he's too famous. At any rate, they are:

1) Dr. Claudius Buchanan
2) JW Etheridge
3) Dr. Asahel Grant
4) James Murdock
5) John Gwynn
6) William Norton
7) CF Burney

Here's the problem. I want to give first class honors to these men, which includes publishing some great pictures of them with their sections on each of their contributions. However, after many hours of searching, I have only found pictures for Buchanan, Etheridge, Grant and Murdock.

The remaining three, John Gwynn, WIlliam Norton and CF Burney I cannot find photos or drawings of anywhere. If anyone can direct me to these men's fine images I would be very grateful. Todah rabba!
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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