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Aramaic Translation of the Lord's Prayer
Hi my name is Jordan and I had a question about a book I ordered called the aramaic english new testament. I ordered it mainly so I could have the Lord's Prayer in aramaic. I am just having trouble finding exactly where the Lord's Prayer starts and begins in the aramaic script. I went to Matthew 6:9-13 of coarse because that is where the Lord's prayer is, but i discovered that the verses are not in order. They go 9, 10, 11, 13, 12 which through me off. Then i was just confused at some other things and was not sure where exactly on the page in the script the Lord's Prayer was. If there is any way that you would be able to post the Lord's Prayer with your response and explanation that would help enlighten me about this specific confusion that would be so incredibly appreciated. I dont want to be of any trouble but I just really want to have that. Thanks so much.
The link below might be helpful.

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-Nimrod Warda-
You can look up the links listed at the end of the thread:
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Just my 2p. Hope it helps.

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