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Old Syriac Vs. Arabic Diatessaron
Salam all,

forgive me if this have been brought up before, I don't have much time to do searches extensively, I saw on a thread that Paul said the Arabic version of the Diatessaron was translated straight from the Aramaic and that it agree 100% with peshitta

I wish to provide some tangible evidence, demonstrating each and every place there is a clear distinction between the Arabic Diatessaron and Old Syriac, unless this has been done before,

I have a version of Tiatians Diatessaron, could anyone point me to where I can get the most authoratative texts I would need to do this? I know that there is sometimes more involved that at first it seems.

I believe I would also need the the Curetonian Gospels and the Sinaitic Palimpsest correct?

It would preferably be in a book download form and also later I would like to buy them in hardcopy, I could probably find one, but I wanted to ask on here incase theres more to the story I would need to know in order to make my efforts worthwhile.


Take a look at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->


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