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Greek quoting Aramaic in Ephesians
Burning one Wrote:Shlama,

The Aramaic is of great note because it serves to show that it is quoting from the Peshitta A???NK - the ???Old Testament??? in Aramaic -- The Peshitta A???NK translation reads one letter difference than the Peshitta New Covenant's rendering - a mere orthographical difference of no real translational importance.

I may have misunderstood, but isn't it that the NT (whether greek or aramaic) agrees with an Aramaic targum?
An Aramaic targum that has survived reads gave and Pauls letter reads gave, and all other versions read took.
This psalm IIRC is an allusion back to an incident in one of the early books of the bible (the first 5), but i cant at the moment remember exactly where.
There is IIRC an incident where gifts are given (by Moses?), although I may be misremebering (if that's a word ) :-)

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