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Mark 6:21 offspring or nobels?
When Herod had is birthday, there were chiliarchs (heads over 1000), heads of galilea and 'nobels' but the same word, is used for the daughter of herodia, for instance, Matthew 14:21 has that she danced. This time, the same word, is not translated with 'noble' but 'daughter'.

I guess, that the translation, with nobility, is wrong, but should be something like

(note, my translation is Dutch, the sentence below is more or less the same)
21 on a special occasion when Herod on his birthday gave a banquet for his relatives, chilearchs, and the heads of Galilee

This, b.t.w. is contextually correct, since herodia and her daughter, certainly were no leaders, but relatives.

What do you think?
Shlama distazo,

The lexicon number for the word "daughter" in Matti 14:6 is #3317 ("Barthah") and shares the meanings of "utterance" and "word". The word for "nobles" has the same root I think...resh-beth
From everything I can tell, that's all they have in common.

Shlama w'Burkate, Bro. Larry

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