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My Review of Andrew Roth's AENT
May 3, 2009

Today I submitted the following review to
It should be posted within the next 2 days.
Wow! I am delighted and overwhelmed to have a copy of Andrew Roth's ARAMAIC ENGLISH NEW TESTAMENT, Netzari Press, 2008. This is the Aramaic New Testament book for true scholars! I am well familiar with the topic of this book since I have been studying the Aramaic New Testament literature since I first met the late Aramaic Scholar and Bible translator, George Lamsa, about forty years ago.

Andrew Roth has distilled the original Aramaic New Testament 22 books plus the Western five additional books into a perfectly balanced English translation that maintains the Semitic foundations without confusing the reader. For his Aramaic text in Estrangela Midyat font, Roth used the ancient Khabouris manuscript of the 22 books of the Aramaic New Testament, along with the 1905-1920 Edition of the Syriac New Testament published by the British and Foreign Bible Society. For his English text Roth started with and edited two excellent public domain translations, the original Aramaic New Testament Interlinear by Paul Younan and the translation of the Syriac New Testament western version by James Murdock. This functional use of existing translations is clearly explained in the book's Introduction.

Roth carefully reviewed and contrasted the Aramaic text with the English text and deftly made editorial changes and revisions that incorporated his rational interpretation of the underlying Aramaic text and Semitic culture. Roth's numerous footnotes (over 1,500) clearly explain these issues in helpful detail. He presents the English text and original Aramaic text side-by-side for easy comparison. Aramaic scholars can readily compare the English text to the corresponding Aramaic text. Roth's numerous footnotes clearly explain the important issues associated with his editorial changes in helpful detail.

The Appendix is an intellectual gold mine of 82 separate relevant topics including: a survey of Aramaic Bible primacist scholarship, eighteen New testament misconceptions, Torah in the renewed covenant, when was the crucifixion, when was the resurrection, and Y'shua in the Talmud.

I have recently seen some depressingly negative reviews of Roth's book which I believe were related to the reviewers' failure to understand Roth's methodology which is clearly explained in his book's Introduction section. Instead of writing yet another translation of the Aramaic New Testament, Roth has verified, improved, and elucidated the text using two existing public domain versions.

Prof. Otto G. Raabe
Davis, California
Finally a proper academic sounding review, bravo akhan Otto!
Shalom, Shlama, Salaam & Yiasou.
Shlama all--

Yes indeed...Akhan Otto has totally understood my methods and intentions. It's very nice that some folks do. This is Ryan's answer to the "silence" from one of the few people whose schoarly opinion really counts with for me, although I appreciate others as well too.

I am grateful to you too Christina for all your help.
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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