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The "missing" disciple
Shlama all--

Someone, I think it was Akhan Otto, asked some time ago about harmonizing the disciple lists in the Gospels. I was reading a book by Etheridge last night on the Syrian Churches and he put together a lot of the eastern traditions about this. What follows are his quotations from "The Syrian Churches, Their Early History, Liturgies and Literature" (p. 16-17):

Ebed Jesu (of Soba):

"India, and all the regions round about, received the priesthood from Thomas who resided and ministered in a church which he built there"
With this apostle tradition associates, in some portions of his labors, Bartholemew, or Nathanael Eb'n Tolmai, and Jude, or Thaddeus.

Elias of Damascus:

"The regions of Sind and India, and adjacent parts of the East, as far as the Indian Ocean, became Christian by the preaching of the apostle Thomas, one of the twelve. With him joined afterward Jude, the son of James, also of the twelve."

The Syrian Canons:

"The fifth seat is Babylon, in honor of the three constituted apostles: Thomas, the apostle of the Hindus and the Chinesw, Bartholomew, who is also Nathanael, of the Syrians; and Adaes (Addai), who is one of the Seventy, who was master to Agaeus and Mares, the apostle of Mesopotamia and all of Persia. Jude, the son of James, was one of the twelve, and he was also called Lebbaeus and Thaddeus. He preached the Gospel in Antaricus and Laodicea, then he went to Thadmor, and then Raca and then Circesum, and Temun and certain parts of the East; and there followed Thomas into India."
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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